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How To Join

Being a member of OCPSA is a privilege. Individuals wishing to be members of OCPSA must submit an application for membership on a yearly basis. The annual membership period is April 1 to March 31.

There are three categories of membership; active, associate, and honorary.

Active Member – Any individual who has been diagnosed with non-progressive brain damage with motor control dysfunction such as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury or stroke, or meets the definition of eligibility as defined by the Cerebral Palsy International Sport and Recreation Association.

Associate Member – Any individual who is a volunteer, parent of an active member, coach, manager, athlete assistant, classifier or official.

Honorary Member - An individual or entity approved by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Benefits & Services

Members in good standing may have access to multiple benefits and services.

Athletes and coaches may be eligible to participate in OCPSA sanctioned events (boccia and track & field) as well as qualify for a financial subsidy.

Coaches and sports officials, including classifiers, may access professional development opportunities.

Member athletes have access to OCPSA’s equipment loan program.

Community clubs may access support to host workshops, tournaments and events.

Athletes and volunteers may have access to grant and bursary opportunities.

Please note that all members of OCPSA are automatically registered as members of the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association.

Applications for membership are accepted throughout the year at a cost of $20. Please click here to complete the online form. There are two payment options; 1. Submit payment online by following the prompts, or 2. Print your completed form and send by mail to PO Box 60082, Ottawa, ON K1T 0K9