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Grassroots and Development

Sport for individuals with a disability has grown tremendously over the last few decades and virtually any sport available to an able-bodied athlete can be pursued by an athlete within the cerebral palsy family.

The first step in getting involved, aside from picking a sport or two, is to find a local sport club and/or program in your community.

The role of the sport club is to provide the infrastructure for athletes to play and acquire fundamental sport skills through qualified instructors. There are multiple benefits of joining a club, including access to coaching, specialized equipment (such as racing wheelchairs and boccia ramps) and funding. Clubs may be multi-sport in nature or sport specific.

The Canadian Paralympic Committee offers a great online database resource; Find A Club, to help you with your search.

You don’t have to specialize! OCPSA members have trained and competed in multiple sports including; rowing, soccer, race running, boccia, cycling, athletics, sledge hockey, swimming and many more!

Not sure of the opportunities? Take part in an RWA session and test it out!

Ready, Willing & Able, a first contact/recruitment program, has delivered hundreds of parasport introductory sessions to thousands of children and youth with disabilities since its inception in 2004.

RWA sessions, ideal for delivery at rehab, treatment and community centres are designed to meet the individual needs of the group and traditionally include an overview of the sport(s) and a brief demonstration followed by hands-on participation.  OCPSA supports two of the 14 sport options; boccia and athletics-cp.

Visit for more information, to attend, or request an RWA session.

While OCPSA partners with various organizations to deliver initiatives that support the growth of athletes within the cerebral palsy family and their programs alike, the primary focus of provincial programming is on the sports we govern; athletics-cp and boccia.

Click here for more info on the competitive program.