Dear Members,

I am excited to present VISION 2020, OCPSA’s new 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. This collective vision for the future of our organization is the result of the hard work of OCPSA’s Board of Directors, Strategic Planning Committee and LTAD Working Groups, as well as the input and guidance of OCPSA’s membership, stakeholders and external partners.

The process to develop the new Strategic Plan began in June of 2015 and involved members and stakeholders in every step of the journey. One-hundred interviews and surveys, four workshops, two planning retreats and numerous committee meetings…all culminated in the long-term strategic goals and objectives presented within VISION 2020.

A significant outcome of the strategic planning process was the decision by OCPSA’s Board of Directors to restructure its governance in a manner that includes the establishment of two sport-specific sub-committees of the board (boccia and athletics). Passed at the members meeting on June 5, 2016, this new governance model provides authority to each committee related to their respective sport as a more effective means of engaging members in the sport areas they are personally invested in.  A call for committee members will follow in the coming weeks.

I encourage each of you to read through the attached strategic plan, VISION 2020, and I welcome your comments and feedback for consideration prior to the Annual Meeting scheduled for September 24, 2016.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in this process and made contributions to the creation of VISION 2020.


Don Sinclair
President, OCPSA